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Marilyn Forsyth

Book #2 in the Outback Gems series…

Book #1 in the Outback Gems series

The Farmer’s Perfect Match

The Farmer’s Perfect Match is a passionate, emotional and topical book that successfully combines a reality dating show with a complicated rural romance. Amanda on Goodreads.

I just finished your book. Absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down.


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I bought The Farmers Perfect Match yesterday and finished it today. Absolutely loved it. The plot was clever and the characters real.


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With as much drama as you’d see on reality tv, plus all the drama from the cutting room floor, The Farmer’s Perfect Match is an entertaining read.


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A well written super read.


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What readers are saying…

The Farmer’s Perfect Match gives that delicious sense of satisfaction the perfect romance does.


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It’s been a while since I’ve read such an emotional romance, chock-full of conflict and tension, and one where I simply couldn’t guess how it was going to end (it moved me to tears).


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Ms Forsyth is an extraordinary new voice in rural romance. The Farmer’s Perfect Match is a powerful, emotional read with all the thrills and excitement of being backstage at a reality TV show.


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What a beautiful, solid, hunk of a hero Marilyn Forsyth has created in Adam! He’s paired spectacularly with the independent yet compassionate Evie.


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Enough twists and turns so as not to be predictable.


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A beautifully written story. The strength and emotions from both Adam and Evie just come to life. I felt like I was with them throughout their journey.


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Falling in Love Again

I didn’t want this to end.


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